Why choose us?

We have been set up to provide rapid advice, diagnosis and treatment for anyone who may have a thoracic problem. Our aim is to offer this service in the most convenient and professional way. We offer appointments 5 days a week with the advantage of providing all thoracic care services under one roof.

Clinical Excellence

Birmingham Thoracic Services is committed to exceptional standards of service in clinical quality (This should be backed up with data) and treatment, from your first appointment to recuperation.

We provide patients with all the information they need before commencing treatment. Our consultants go to great lengths to help you to understand your condition, the choice of treatment and the associated benefits and risks.

All of our clinicians have the backing of a dedicated multi-disciplinary team together with state-of-the- art operating theatres, and the latest monitoring, including a central cardiac monitoring system linked to the Critical Care Unit.

The Critical Care Unit is a 6-bedded facility staffed by a resident medical officer trained in intensive care medicine. A consultant intensivist performs two ward rounds a day and is immediately available at all times, 365 days of the year.

The recently refurbished cardiothoracic ward at BMI Priory Hospital has twenty-five rooms, some of which offer double occupancy enabling a relative to stay overnight.

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