Birmingham Thoracic Services

Welcome to Birmingham Thoracic Services, specialising in the diagnosis and surgical management of all types of disease affecting various organs in the chest cavity, including disorders of airways, lung, chest wall and mediastinum.

All of our clinicians have the backing of a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of well-trained physiotherapists and nursing staff, together with well-equipped theatres, some of the latest diagnostic equipment and the full support of a major Critical Care Unit.

Thoracic treatment options

The Birmingham Thoracic Surgery Services based at BMI Priory Hospital Birmingham provide comprehensive diagnostic and surgical management of all types of disorders affecting lungs, mediastinum and chest wall. These conditions include cancer, airway obstruction, chest wall deformities, infection and emphysematous lung disease. The emphasis is on holistic approach to treat patients with disorders of organs within the chest cavity. A number of these procedures are carried out using Video-assisted Thoracoscopic surgery a minimally invasive surgical technique to operate on organs within the chest. Following is list of a few of the procedures performed by surgeons of Birmingham Thoracic Surgery services

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Birmingham Thoracic Services

From preliminary diagnosis and investigation to surgery, we provide a swift, caring and continuous service right through to your recovery or ongoing care.

Special diagnostic investigations include bronchoscopy to inspect breathing pipes or thoracoscopy to explore and biopsy lung and other organs within the chest cavity.

The thoracic surgical team undertakes full spectrum of operative procedures to remove cancer from lungs, chest wall and mediastinum. The patients with advanced malignancies are offered palliative procedures to improve their quality of life.
The patients with complex pleuro-pulmonary infections are treated with various operative procedures.
The team routinely carries out minimally invasive procedures to correct pectus abnormalities of chest wall.

The patients are offered both lung volume reduction surgery and endobronchial valves for treating emphysematuos lung disease.

We welcome self-paying patients from the UK and abroad and we are also recognised by all major PMI (Private Medical Insurance) providers

In addition to Thoracic Surgery, BMI The Priory Hospital also provides Cardiac and Cardiology Services.

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